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What should a modern Website for Your Company be Capable of?

Especially in times when technology is evolving almost on a daily basis, it is easy to lose track of all the things, your website should be capable of.
Therefore we have made a little list of the most important features of a successful website.

Make it Mobile Responsive

Web Design for Your CustomersThere was a time when this was only important for Local businesses like cafés, restaurants and shops. But these days, Google has brought the importance of your mobile responsive Web Design to a whole new level.

Almost 50% of the internet users will want to look at your website from a mobile device. Therefore, Google has decided to banish websites that are not mobile responsive from the top results on mobile searches.

What does that mean? If your website is not mobile responsive, 50% of potential users will not find it.

Also, those who do, will get annoyed with all the zooming very soon and leave.

Make it easy to Navigate your Web Design

With a complex business, it’s easy to make a complex website. But complex websites are also easy to leave. Your average visitor gives you 10 seconds from the point they hit enter on your domain, until they find what they need.

If they don’t find it within 10 seconds, they will go to the competition.

Therefore, communicating the next steps for the website visitor are one of our top priorities, creating a website for our clients.

It should look nice

Seems like an obvious one. But many Small Businesses ignore it. Web Design that doesn’t go with the time, will make the same impression like a dusty shop window.

Professional Web DesignAt the same time, we understand, that many traditional small businesses don’t want to look too modern. But this isn’t contradicting. Often times it’s a matter of images and language, that will bring the traditional ways across with a Web Design that goes with the time.

It’s this crossing between easy navigation and representing the Brand of the Small Business, Raindropcatcher puts a lot of effort into.

Use SEO to wander up in the Search Results

SEO is one of the essential parts of Web Design and Online Marketing that make sure, your Website actually gets found by potential customers.

The better and the more detail-loving you handle your SEO, the more likely it is, that your Website will actually produce more customers for you.

Don’t let your Website get sick

The times when you hired a Web Designer to create the Page and let it collect dust afterwards, are over.

First off, the internet is evolving almost daily. That means, that the browsers, people look at your website from, evolve too. And as soon as a browser changes, there is a chance, that one part of your website won’t work anymore.
In order to avoid this, we at Raindropcatcher have a monthly maintenance package for our clients to assure everything works smoothly on the tech side too.

Secondly, professional Online Marketing goes far beyond just owning a website. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by this, though. This is the reason why there are professionals out there, that made it their job to bring your Small Business out into the World Wide Web!