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What does UX mean and why is it important?

So, you have decided to have a company website after all. Of course you want it to bring new customers. After all, you are investing money into it. One thing, that is very important to get to this point, is UX.
UX is the short version of ‘User Experience’.

What is User Experience?

User Experience is the ingredient of your Web Design that keeps it lively.

If-your-visitors-get-confused-they-leaveYou see, when a new user enters your website, you have approximately 10 seconds to make them stay. 10 seconds. Other wise they will leave your website, never to be seen again. Except by the competition, maybe.

Making them stay is not as easy, though. What do you do if you end up on a website, that doesn’t show what you need or that is confusing to navigate? You leave.

UX or User Experience, therefore, is the concept of your Web Design, that doesn’t only convince the user to stay for longer than 10 seconds, but also makes them love to use your website!

What does UX mean for your Web Design?

User Experience has a lot of facets and faces. It can be very serious, it can be lots of fun. It really depends on what your brand represents.

If you are a company, that wants to make a very serious impression, you could go with traditional navigation menu with very few links to make it easy to keep the overview. You could keep the design very clean and talk to your users like you would talk to a customer. You’d have a contact page with a form and possibly a map. In order to communicate your brand, you use images, showing what your company values most.

Even-Cafés-should-care-about-UXOn the other hand, if you own a café, you might want to make your website a little more playful. Your Web Design might be very lively and friendly. Many photos of people enjoying their coffee together, or maybe images of Latin American countries and coffee beans. Probably you will talk to them like friends rather than customers. Your website should be 100% responsive, since many of your customers will find it, when they are on the go. Maybe you want to have a small forum or social community on your website to keep people talking, even when they aren’t there anymore?

UX involves a lot to consider

That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to a professional. One of the big benefits of hiring an UX- and Web Designer is, that they know what they do. They will do everything in their power to make your website work for you and your customers. They will be able to make sense of all the tiny details and bring across the exact feeling you want to communicate in order to turn website visitors into customers.

UX-is-important-for-Web-DesignUser Experience is a mighty tool, that you don’t want to miss out on, when you have your new Website created. We at Raindropcatcher, have made User Experience to one of our biggest priorities and always try to push the borders in order to turn mere website visitors into those who come back to pay money for your services and products.