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Rauchfang Loichtl KG


Herr Ing. Loichtl approached us after he realised, that his website was far out of date. It was about time to give his company a fresh Corporate Identity, a timely Web Design and a kick into the technology of the 21st century.

A smokin' Logo

In the process of designing the Website, we came to a conclusion:
Chimney Sweeper Companies all over the German speaking area use the same logo. It's a tradition, that was screaming to be broken in order to get an advantage over the competition.

Also, Rauchfang Loichtl KG is not only sweeping chimneys. They also renovate them. And they are in the construction business.

Technology for Tradition

Just like the Logo, it was also important to us, that the website symbolised the roofs, this company puts over their heads. How it keeps their homes warm and save.

'A warm home' was our theme, when we built this website. At the same time, we knew, that Rauchfang Loichtl KG is a comparably traditional business. Also, it was important to us, to communicate the boss' expertise when it comes to the very technical job.

The website had to bring across our theme and yet make a clean and structured impression. We decided to go with a very simple design and highlight it with photos of fireplaces and family.

The website is also fully mobile responsive.