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PL Resources


Maximilian Inghofer is a young Entrepreneur from Austria, who decided to start his own company to bring people and services together. For PL Resources he knew, he wouldn't only need a Brand and a Website with a twist but also with a lot of functions. That's when he approached us.

I was really content. Everything went right after plan and was perfect at the first design. My statistics make it obvious, that this website gave my business a kick-start!

Reach for the Stars

It took us comparably much time to come up with Maximilian's Branding strategy. His aim to connect people who need a service, with those who offer it, was simply not very specific.

Going through many phases of brainstorming ways of visualising networks, we ended up at star constellations.

This would shape the entire branding concept and ultimately the print material and the website.

A functional Website

Maximilian didn't just want a static website to represent his business. Also a blog was not his concern. He asked us to come up with a structure for a job board with special search functions.

Besides that, the website should also have a register of all the companies, he already worked with.

It was a new challenge, but we finished the project with pride.

An authentic Logo

Raindropcatcher is always eager to create logos with double meanings. For PL Resources this was the star, that can also be seen as a circle of people, holding hands.

We enjoy the crossing between branding symbolism and showing the act of bringing people together.

Print Material for Promotion

With the star theme in mind, it was not hard, to create compelling print material for PL Resources.
However, it was important to us, to keep a focus on the broad variety of opportunities, Max' business offered.
We cared a lot about a healthy balance between branding and practicality.
After all, we define Design by Creativity AND Communication.