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Armin Knauthe


Armin is an architect, tenor and children pedagogue. But most of all he is one kind of a character.
It was a lot of fun to figure out the imagery and emotions, we wanted to bring across with his exciting brand.

Creating my Website, Robin understood, that it wasn't meant to be a mere presentation, but a custom-made home for the variety of my colourful world. Introducing much empathy, he shaped my and his ideas. I continue to work with him and can only recommend Raindropcatcher wholeheartedly. Robin is a master of his craft.

Brand Design

Armin really is a special case, since he does so many things that don't seem to branch into each other at all.
Therefore it was all the more important to go with imagery and colours, that would work together with his various passions.

After a lot of brainstorming, we came to the conclusion, that Armin wants to tell stories. To share emotions is his biggest priority in all he does. And fairytale creatures have been a big part of his life all along.

So we decided, to go with a style that was slightly touched by fantasy. At the same time it was important to us, that the brand remained clean and professional.

Raindropcatcher helped him on his way to get there. Starting at the outfits he wears on his concerts, via the style of the Flyers promoting them, up to his website and even one event.

A Fairytale of Website

Armin wanted his Website to be on Tumblr. These days we only work with WordPress anymore.

The Tenor, Architect and pedagogue isn't a big fan of scolling, but prefers to work with media horizontally, so we mad this a priority. When it comes to the mobile version, we decided to go with the standard Tumblr theme, though.

When it comes to finesse of design, Armin's Website is still one of our favourites in the Raindropcatcher Portfolio.

Events & Videos

Raindropcatcher was lucky enough to be part of the organisation of one of Armin's concerts, for his Website opening. The entire event was live streamed to the internet and afterwards we created a compelling documentary video about it.

Also for other occasions we could help Armin out with our video knowledge.

Posters & Flyers


Armin cares a lot about the promotion for his concerts. And obviously, the print material plays an important part in this.

Whether is be a ghostly scene on the waters of the Danube or a visual metaphor for the plot of the piece of music:
Raindropcatcher never held back with effort to create compelling posters and flyers for the talented tenor.