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Architekt DI Kurt Loichtl


Being an legally certified civil engineer, DI Kurt Loichtl does have a good advantage as an architect. Since his expertise lays in connecting old buildings with modern architecture, he realised that his website was not up to today's technology anymore.

That's why he approached Raindropcatcher. Also, he came to the conclusion, that it might be time to get a Corporate Identity for his company. We were happy to help the creative with those tasks.

Robin understood the requirements, found solutions quickly and turned additional suggestions into reality in an uncomplicated manner. The result is creative and very satisfying.

A new face for the company

A  warm and welcoming orange was important to DI Loichtl from the very beginning. Since the colour orange is being associated with energy, modern style and transformation, we could only support him in this opinion.

Also it was a priority to us to present his former projects properly. That's why they are always focus of the visual work for the company.

We adapted the benefits of working with DI Kurt Loichtl from a rather generic choice of words to one that focusses on his special talents. This way it's easier to appeal to the right audience as well as to search engines.

A flexible Logo

We wanted to pack the initials of the architect into the logo. Yet at the same time it should have more meaning than that.

The logo could, therefore, also be interpreted as the tip of a pencil. For future animation possibilities, it would also be adaptable as a house.

An unusual Website

The main purpouse of the website is naturally to get into contact with new clients. That's why we made it irrelevant, whether interested people land on the main page or a sub page:
On this architect's website you are always on the sales page!

Let's assume, a potential customer finds a sub page of the website via a search engine. First, they will get the content, they were actually looking for. However, scrolling down, the page will lead them straight back to the content of the main page. without having to click on anything.

We live in a time, where more than 50% of website visits happen via mobile devices with a tough screen. That leads to scrolling, becoming the more convenient way to navigate on a website, rather than clicking.

Great user experience cares about making the user's navigation on the website as well as their journey to a sale, as convenient as possible.